LED power supplies


AA  LED carries a range of drivers to fit your needs. We have Sam's approved power supplies as well as higher wattage indoor versions for decorative and accent lighting.


Don't see something you need? Feel free to contact us and we'll try to source it for you.  

Our Top Sellers

60w LED Driver

12v      Item number: XLG-75-12

150w LED Driver

12/24v      Item number: XLG-150-XX

Signage Power Supplies

20w LED Driver

12v         Item number: LP1020

40w LED Driver

12v     Item number: LP1040

60w LED Driver

12v/24v      Item number: LPV-60-XX

100w LED Driver

12v       Item number: LPV-100-12

192w LED Driver

12v      Item number: HLG-240-12

200w LED Driver

24v      Item number: XLG-200-24

60w LED Driver

Replaced by XLG-75-12

12v      Item number: CEN-60-12

264w LED Driver

12v      Item number: HLG-320-12

120w LED Driver

Circle K program        Item number: OWA-120-12

150w LED Driver

Replaced by XLG-150-12

12v      Item number: CLG-150-12

Lighting Power Supplies

150w LED Driver

Item number: RS-150-12

300w LED Driver

Item number: SP-320-12

240w LED Driver

Item number: SP-240-12

120w LED Driver / DIM

Dimmable        Item number: EV-12v-120D