Outdoor LED Fixtures


Replaces old inefficient light fixtures with the newest LED technology, Most products are DLC or Energy Star certified to allow for local rebates. 

LED Flood Light

Item number: FLE-50/100/150

LED High Bay Light

Item number: LS-0766 HD

The LED Flood Light is a very versatile fixture. It can be used for signage applications to light up a billboard or wall sign. It also can be attached to a side of a building to become a wall wash or an area light for a parking lots. 

EXO LED Module

Item number: LS-MZ0602

Strata LED Module

Item number: LS-0723

Our Brightest LED module offered. Designed with a lens to expand the beam angle to 150', this module is great for large channel letters and cabinets. The wider beam also allows for use in shallow channel letters.


Colors offered: CW , WW , R , G , B , A



Colors offered: CW , WW